She looks smaller from outside her head (deliriumdeiight) wrote in trans_sensual,
She looks smaller from outside her head

Lesbians are weird (maybe that's why I love them...)

So, I have come to notice that Lesbians have a tendency to jump into love a bit too fast. Is it a female thing? It can be negative, because it confuses our views of love, and what one really wants out of a relationship- but it can be a positive in the fact that one is always open to new things and caring about others…
Maybe all of this just comes about from the fact that it is a little bit harder being a homosexual and finding a mate… Do we really sell ourselves short…
I don’t really know… I am just questioning this because well, I am a lesbian, and I have noticed the relationships around me, and those in my past, and I can’t help but wonder if people are just desperate to find love…
In a way I guess we all are, but seriously, will one ever figure out what they want from a relationship or do they just happen… Can one really be picky? Or is it just all sex-related and lust taking over us…

Does this have an answer?
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