girl_alter_ego (girl_alter_ego) wrote in trans_sensual,


Hi, I am Evelyn!

I joined this community because I really have no idea what to think of what my gender role is, I feel that love is beyond gender, and well, cause I am completely confused about how to go about any matter of love...
My life has been out-of-control the last 5 years, and I just recently got back into the country to find some stability.

I have NO idea how to adress someone who is transgender, I really don't even know how to approach them, but I do have a crush on a transgirl at the moment, and I am confused as hell!

What do I do? How do you adress sex and i dunno...
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Well, there's really no general rule about how to address trans people, because we come in such a variety of flavours. :-)

Take me as an example: i identify as both female and male, and i basically look male, except for my 'female' breasts. Although there are gender-neutral pronouns that can be used to address me, i personally just find it easier to ask people to use the 'female' pronouns (i.e. 'she', 'her', etc.) to refer to me, since i identify more as 'female' than 'male'.

Other trans people, however, will have different preferences. So i think the best thing to do is simply ask the person how they prefer to be addressed. Personally, i never find such a question offensive, because it indicates to me that the person a) isn't making assumptions; b) cares about my feelings; and c) wants to do The Right Thing. :-)
I try to understand, and I just didn't know if it was appropriate to ask questions...
I feel like maybe it is rude or something...
But I guess if you do it in a polite manner it shows that one is trying to understand

I'm sure they'd be flattered if you talked to them. Many transpeople are shy or hesitant. (If they're like me, they're often insecure.)

Just be friendly and when it comes to that point, ask them how they wish to be addressed.

I think it is sweet when someone asks me questions! Plus it gives me A LOT less explaining to do. I am somewhat shy sometimes and don't know how to adress it myself. Some of us don't want to overplay it and make someone think that is all we are. We are just people too. Shy, insecure, and confused sometimes...

Just be open and sincere and it will be ok!
ooops wrong one! ha ha ha! :)