She looks smaller from outside her head (deliriumdeiight) wrote in trans_sensual,
She looks smaller from outside her head



If one is born a certain sex, and grow up living up to the expectations that they were socialized into following, what makes one appreciate gender in general?

So. What i find interesting, is that usually transgendered individuals appreciate gender much more then those that just settle with what they are taught.
Why do so many lose interest in appreciation of gender... Is it because they just don't know anything else... Or is it because they never really think about it...
Why isn't gender ever addressed when one is growing up... I know that it wasn't for anyone in my school system, or even my state. The only way a lot people learn about gender studies is if they take a class in college about it.
But I never took a class about gender. I never even thought about it untill a couple months ago. I've always appreciated being female, and embrace it completely, but why don't so many others even think about embracing gender...
It really is a HUGE part of our lives. I think this is why I respect transgender people tremendously. I find they actually question gender, the roles presented by it, and what gender they truly fit into.

Hmm.. I could probably think about this subject for a VERY long time and still never fully figure it out.

Opinions or thoughts?
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