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Love Beyond Gender

transgender love in all forms
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Gender Variants and Partners

This community is dedicated to those who love others for who they are, and not because of their gender and/or sex.
Trans-sensual people can be classified as those who love transgender individuals within the past, present, or future; but any gender variant or pansexual person is welcome.
In other words- if you are accepting towards all forms of love beyond gender you are welcome with open arms!

We are here to support love in all forms, especially when related to that of gender variant individuals, discuss various issues about sexuality, conceptions of love and gender, and most importantly bring people closer together.
This is basically an open forum for trans-sensual and pansexual people to talk about whatever they like. If one has questions or concerns please join and ask, one of us will be happy to answer.

We welcome members and try to listen respectfully to each other- but please try to remain within the guidelines in order to create a safe and positive place for open discussion.
If guidelines are frequently disrespected, the maintainer will be forced to make this a monitored group.

If you are new here, please post and introductory post about who you are, and why you have joined.
Questions and comments are welcome!

Some information on prefered ways of addressing transgender people can be found at:

Here is a list of guidelines:

1) Please be respectful of oneself and each other. Absolutely no transphobia will be tolerated in any form. If feels discomfort around a post please let the maintainer know and the problem will be discussed and dealt with.

2)Please do not speak of experience one does not have with particular issues in order to create controversy. Questions are welcome, but please be respectful of what one asks.

3) This is not a forum to find a date. Brief general information is welcome, but this is not the place to post elaborate information in order to find a partner. The fetishization and sexualization of transpeople is not what this community was created for.

4) Please no spamming.

5) Please post large posts under a cut.

6) If one feels that there is another community that the members should be aware of please make a post to deliriumdeiight, and the community will be shown on the info page.

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